Our Fidget toys are loved by kids, parents, therapist and teachers! These toys get kids happy & engaged and can keep them focused while keeping their hands busy.
Fine Motor Skills: can improve as kids push and pop the bubbles to increase finger strength and dexterity. Helps improve pre-writing and everyday life skills.
Auditory Discrimination and Stimulation engage as kids pop and push it to make fun sounds.
Educational Games – guide your child as they use the bubble pops in turn-taking games. Use to teach colors, counting, and learning letters.
Therapy Toys: OT, Speech, and Play therapist use to inspire bilateral coordination, crossing the midline, hand-eye coordination, and cause and effect. Children with Autism, ADHD, ADD, SPD, and other special needs can increase their abilities with the right tools.
How to Play: Press the bubbles down, then flip it over and start again! One side makes a louder popping sound than the other. Use for games, counting, tossing for accuracy and lots more that you’ll come up with as you play.
ZOOM Call Fidget Toy: Keeping kids focused while on school zoom is a challenge. Our bubble fidget pops can keep fingers busy without distracting them from the screen.
Gifts For Kids: Push Pop Bubble Fidget Pops make a great gift for toddlers and school age boys and girls. They make excellent prizes for teachers, party favors, and birthday and holiday gifts.


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